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Radio Accounting Authority (PG06)

Shipping Radio PG06 is one of the most recommendable accounting authorities (AAIC) in Panama due to the wide range of services that it offers and of the 30 years of experience in the field.

Advantages of registering a vessel in Panama.

There is much to be said about the advantages of registering your vessel in Panama. The most important is the competitive cost of the flag. Panama has a very good price and it's very competitive. If you have your vessel registered in another flag, you can register the same vessel under the Panamanian registry as the second flag.

As an radio accounting authority we can offer our services to your vessel under the Panamanian flag, and many other flags as well. Panama doesn't have any restrictions on the tonnage requirement of the ships of all nationalities. Any person or any company around the world can register the vessel under the Panamanian registry, and also, the clients can get the mortgage easier worldwide.

Why choose Shipping Radio?

As a Radio Accounting Authority we keep track of the communication bills for maritime ships and billing them for their traffic.We’ll help you become compliant communications-wise in relation to the regulations that the Panama Maritime Authority have established for Panama flagged vessels.


Activating your Inmarsat C terminals,  walking you through the process of the LRIT test and providing valuable advise to get certified, or setting up your SSAS equipment and taking the test to be compliant. Most importantly, we have the knowledge on how to provide you cost-effective services.

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